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  • Lions Club of Kathmandu - UNITED

    A Project in Pokhara Valley - Nepal

    Sisters in Harmony

    Empowerment of Women

    Project Document 2007

    1. Introduction:

    Sisters in Harmony (SIH) is a permanent project of Lions Club of Kathmandu UNITED, District 325 'A'. This project was established in 2003 in cooperation with Insight Nepal in the Pokhara Valley. From December 2005 it has been operating in cooperation with Lions Club of Denmark, Roskilde. The main goal of this project is to help for improving the living standard of under privileged women who have come from the rural areas of neighboring districts and they currently reside in Pokhara. They are deprived of opportunities in all areas of life due to poverty, lack of education and awareness, and the current political situation in Nepal. Their contributions to their families and society are often unnoticed which continues to create unequal opportunities. Once they get basic education and self-reliant, they will be aware that they are capable of changing their lives and will be able to attain opportunities that will allow their contributions to be recognized in the society.

    2. Target Groups:

    Poor and illiterate women from the rural areas.

    Young girls and women with limited education and living in backward condition and difficult circumstances.

    Local housewives and educated women seeking skill development.

    3. Mission Statement:

    To improve the quality of life and for independence of disadvantaged women by providing the necessary resources and positive influences they need to achieve empowerment.

    4. Objectives:

    Gaining of Empowerment by sharing ideas, skills and experiences, allowing them to acknowledge their individual contributions and to promote teamwork.

    Identification of fellow organizations that will provide opportunities for further skill development or provide necessary information for starting their own business.

    Organize a basic development programme that will focus on a variety of awareness, skill-building activities and educational requirement.

    Provide income-generating skills that will enable them to become self-reliant and to support family in fulfilling their basic needs for daily life.

    Develop a self confidence in coming forward to voice their thoughts and concerns about issues that may arise in their daily lives.

    Organize short-term skill development trainings and awareness programmes for educated housewives as per their interests and needs which can also contribute for fund raising of the project.

    5. Activities:


    Reading and writing of Nepali scripts and sentences

    Numerical numbers in Nepali and English

    Basic Accounting

    Introduction of English alphabets


    Sewing and cutting of simple dresses and materials

    Basic Knitting and crochet

    Different size of Envelopes using Nepali Paper (lokta)

    Leaf plates and flower/wedding garland making

    Various items of Cooking

    Making Nepali essence and oil wicks,

    Candles making.


    Environmental education

    Health education


    Women's rights

    Information about various social/government agencies

    Kitchen garden and flower nursery

    Political situation of Nepal

    Nepal?s cooperation with outside world

    6. Program Outputs:

    A. Through literacy class they will be able:

    - to make basic communication and gain information in Nepali.

    - to keep basic accounts.

    - to read and write names, addresses in English.

    Besides these direct benefits, they will understand the value of education that will inspire and create a positive atmosphere to educate their children.

    B. Through skill development training they will be able:

    - to develop different kinds of skill.

    - to produce hand made materials which are useful for daily life.

    - to start their own business for generating income.

    With the help of these benefits, they can support their family and be self reliant by saving money and making extra income. It will not only help them to improve their standard of living, they will also gain self confidence to be independent.

    C. Through awareness program they will be able:

    - to develop their knowledge and ideas.

    - to collect and share information which are practical and useful.

    - to come forward and voice their thoughts and concerns about issues of their daily lives.

    - to understand the political changes in to-days Nepal

    - to understand Nepal?s role in the international cooperation

    It will promote the awareness of women's potential as powerful role in the community. It will also make them conscious to take precautions and to explore new options for the betterment of life.

    7. Length and working time of the Project:

    The minimum length of the project will be 2 years. The extension of this project depends on the evaluation and recommendation of the Project Management Committee, Lions Club of Kathmandu United and concerning donor organization. The package programme for each target group will be for a period of 4 months and run 5 days a week.

    8. Reporting :

    The program coordinator will be responsible to make a progress report which will be forwarded to the Management Committee and concerned organizations.

    9. SIH Membership and its fees:

    For Nepali Citizens:

    General Membership Nrs.300

    Lifetime Membership Nrs.5100

    For International Citizens:

    General Membership US$20

    Lifetime Membership US$300

    10.Contact Person and address :

    Lion Naresh M. Shrestha

    Project Coordinator, SIH

    Lions Club of Kathmandu - United

    P.O.Box 489, Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal

    Tel: 061-530266


    Description of Courses and Activities for the Year 2007

    1st Group (January to April)/ 2nd Group (July - October)

    A. First Month

    1. Literacy class - Introduction of Nepali alphabets and numbers

    2.Skill Development Class:

    a. Cotton wicks

    b. Nepali ' Dhup ' (Essence) stick

    c. Knitting

    d. Crochet

    e. Cooking

    3. Awareness class:

    a. Basic care of 'Eye, Ear and Dental'

    b. HIV/AIDS

    c. Legal rights of Women

    d. Family Planning

    e. Environment and cleanliness

    B. Second Month

    1. Literacy class

    a. Introduction of Half Nepali alphabets

    b. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication

    2. Skill Development Class:

    a. Making of Leaf plates

    b. "Yoga" & "Pranayam"

    b. Flower/Wedding Garland

    d. Candle making

    e. Envelope making

    f Cooking

    3. Awareness Class:

    a. Role of Women in the family and community

    b. Group formation and saving

    c. Reproductive Health

    d. Adolescent

    e. Drug/Alcoholic addiction

    C. Third Month

    1. Literacy Class

    a. Reading and writing of words and simple sentences

    b. English numbers

    c. Division

    2. Skill Development Class: Sewing practice with simple items

    3. Awareness class : Functions of Nepali Institutions (GO/NGO) in Pokhara.

    D. Fourth Month

    1. Literacy Class

    a. Reading and writing of full sentences

    b. Introduction of English Alphabets

    c. Continued Accounting

    2. Skill Development Class: Cutting and sewing of materials for making different items of clothe.

    3. Awareness class: Cooperation of International Community in Nepal

    Note: During the gap period of four months, May, June, November and December, SIH will:

    A. Organize the following programs for young girls or housewives with limited education, seeking skill development.

    a. Sewing class

    b. Knitting class

    c. Cooking class

    d. English spoken and reading/writing class

    e. Awareness class

    B. Build-up cooperation in promoting the project to the International Donor Agency by:

    a. Developing an exclusive website of SIH project

    b. Publishing brochures in English and Nepali language

    c. Publicity

    d. Updating proposal and reports to the donor agency